Monday, April 03, 2006

The storm

I had my biochemistry exam today, and boy (or girl), do I feel free. Now I can focus my mind more on life's other important things, like listening to Miriam Makeba.

I have a friend staying over for a while, so figuring that ordering out was getting old, we decided to go to Whole Foods to stock up my refrigerator. On the way, we took a detour to blockbuster, which disappointingly didn't have anything that interested us. We walked back towards Whole Foods, admiring the warm weather, which had increased people's affinity for the outdoors and which restaurant owners always welcomed.

The grasses and flowers looked pretty, but the stench from the fertilizer was terrible, so we hurried on. At Whole Foods, I picked vegetables while my friend picked fruits. We met to decide whether we should get the two 6oz spinach "special" or the one 9 oz spinach. We decided to go for the two 6oz spinach bags, because together they have a longer preservative potential than the one 9oz bag.

Anyway, I am a vegetarian, so I hunted for some plant protein . . . That took a while because there were so many choices. Then I heard that there was supposed to be a storm, and sure enough the sky grew dark and mysterious. We hurried up and paid for our food stuff. But when we looked outside again, there were fat, angry droplets of rain, pounding on the ground and then bouncing off of it with such vigor. The rain droplets seemed to be communicating together, because you couldn't see one droplet by itself. All I could think was I'm not going out in that. Even the taxi drivers were scared. We tried calling for a taxi, but none came.

As the anger of the rain cooled, my friend and I decided to brave it (because we had frozen foods), even though it could start up again on our way. With our grocery bags and our tiny umbrella, we ran for it, with the lightning threatening (and parading itself) ahead of us.

We said a quick prayer for God to let us get to our home safely and with relatively dry bodies.

We did get home safely, and we didn’t need to change our clothes.

Then the storm stopped.

Hmnn. The lesson of the day is “Don't go out shopping for food. Instead, stay in your home and order out, unless you are brave.”

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