Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Crazy Woman

Every so often, I come across a poem that I can glimpse something new from, even after reading it a few dozen times—a poem that excites my mind and heart each time I read it. I find that I can often chew on such a poem and make it a part of me, a part of my experience, or even a part of an understanding of myself. Such delightfully good poem that makes my heart refuse to let it belong solely to the poet—the poet and I become one.

The Crazy Woman by Gwendolyn Brooks is such a poem—a wonderful, little gem of a poem. At once defiant and obliging, then confined and free, but ultimately an explosion of a strong will, one that speaks heartily and with a fortitude of pride, and one whose craziness is both its source of power as well as its expression of that power and will. The Crazy Woman. I feel like being her today.

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