Thursday, March 23, 2006

It is great to be a girl!

Note: This post is not about male-bashing; men are God's creations too.

If you look at a girl (ignoring some social disadvantages) it is self-evident that a girl is a special kind of human, which is why, in my theory, there are so many social forces (albeit unconsciously) against her.

Physicially, she has, without a doubt, the more aesthetically pleasing body. She is dynamic and exciting in her appearance. She could wear a gown, a skirt, shorts, pants, you name it. She could wear her hair long or short. And she has ready access to clothes and accessories in all shades of the rainbow. Boring-looking, she is not.
-----Let's not forget, that her body is custom-designed to give forth life, without which no one here would be here. Even as she complains about her period, her ability to undergo this periodic process has many biological advantages to her body's functioning.

Emotionally, she is more free. She enjoys all the benefits of being fully socially and emotionally involved. Emotionally-constipated, she is not.

Character-wise, she is the one with a more God-like disposition. God calls her a helper, just like he calls himself a helper. Quite God-like (which is not to say she's God), she is more ready to love unconditionally (have you heard the phrase, "Monkey no fine but im mama like am"?), more patient, more nurturing, etc.
-----She is so valuable that the bible instructs her husband that he should treat her with respect and consideration, so that his prayers would be effective.
-----Moreover, the bible says that a man has to leave his parents to be united with her, which is why, personally, I don't understand girls who chase after guys. I so much prefer to be pursued, which does not mean sitting on your bottom and counting the holy minutes until he finds you. For goodness sake, girls, live out your dreams and goals, and he'll find you on your way.

And if you need to hear more about why being a woman is so advantageous, see 'X' Factor Boosts Women's Health, Longevity, by E.J. Mundell.

Quoting Psalm 139:14, "I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."

Don't I know it.
If you are a girl, give yourself a big hug. Guys, you can go ahead and do so too.

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