Friday, March 10, 2006

Loving this body--my favorite

Most of us don’t have a long list of TRUE favorites—for something to qualify as a true favorite, then one must have sampled all the basic possible items in the category in question. A favorite color is a true favorite because one, in the course of living, has perceived or experienced all the basic color forms. By the way, my favorite color is blue, with green following in second place, and red in the third place.

Today, I want to put the spotlight on a few of my other true favorites, in the category of the human body. As one who has studied the human body (through studying anatomy textbooks and dissecting a cadaver),

-My favorite muscle is a cute little muscle in the ear called stapedius, which is one of the two muscles in the ear that help prevent damage when you are bombarded with loud sounds.

-My favorite cartilage is called arytenoids, where your vocal cords, which are important in speech production, attach to. I like this cartilage because of its unique shape, and it is just a cute little thing.

-I don’t have a favorite bone, but if I had to choose, I’ll say the pisiform, one of the eight bones in the wrist joint. I like it because it sticks out from the rest of its neighbors, unafraid of being different.
***The body is truly amazing, not only in its appearance, but in its design. I have yet to see anything that equals it in the intelligence of its very being.
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