Monday, March 20, 2006

Summer, I await thee

I really dislike the cold weather. In the years that I have been here, my body refuses to pardon the weather, and each winter brings numerous complaints from my body. I am a warm weather girl, always has been and, apparently, always will be. Sometimes I am jealous of the people whose bodies almost instantly fall in love with the cold weather, despite being from a warm climate. My body's loyalty to the warm climate is strong, which makes for some miserable winter days.

As the temperature goes down, stepping outside my building becomes a laborious task. I feel restricted in my layers of protection. The heater in my apartment is turned to the max, but I still hug my comforter as if to make it my second skin. I remember one day in February, as I sat in class, I noticed that everyone had taken off their Jackets, everyone but me. I sat with my hat still on my head, with my jacket still on and zipped up, and I felt quite comfortable. But the boy in front of me seemed to be burning up from seeing me in my layers. "Aren't you hot?" he finally asked. "No, I am quite comfortable." I answered.

I cannot wait for summer; that has always been the time for me. Yes, summer, because spring is too unreliable--one day it's cold, another it's warm. March feels quite colder than it should be, maybe it's because I waiting so excitedly for summer. My darling summer, free my body and mind from all this cold, this ugly cold.

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