Friday, April 07, 2006

Getting a cat

I am thinking of getting a grown-up pet, generally a cat or a dog. And I have decided on a cat. For now, the daily demands of a dog are a tad too much for me (although I'm sure they are nothing compared to the joy a dog can bring). Besides, I think that a cat is more in tune with my personality. Cats have relatively little need to please. The cat can do his or her own thing, and I can do mine, and we'll each have to earn the other's affection and respect. I also admire a cat's gracefulness (both in manner and action) and sensitivity to cleanliness.

I am going to adopt my cat sometime during this summer. If it is a female, I'll name her Rosa. And if it is a male, I''ll name him Ross, or Rosae regardless of its sex. I know it might seem a little weird that I'll be naming my cat a derivative of my own name, but I think it's a nice idea. Of course, come summer, I may find myself in love with another name, or maybe the nature of my cat will inspire a completely different name. Anyway, I am looking forward to my new family member.

{side thought. Hmnn. I hope I have a well-behaved cat. It can have any number of idiosyncrasies, but it should still be a good, well-behaved cat. Of course, the only bad cats I have seen are the ones on television. No, my cat and I are going to get along quite well.}

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