Saturday, April 15, 2006

afro jazz

I took an afro jazz class about three days ago, and my body is still a little sore--the instructor had us do some intense stretching exercises. Good gracious! Now every turn or move my body makes aches it in that oh so delightful pain of a good workout. I am looking forward to regular dance classes, unhindered by terrible weather. It was nice coming back from dance class, a little sweaty (I don't sweat a lot), with the breeze blowing on me, instantly cooling and refreshing me. I'm sure I must have had a big smile planted on my face.

I saw "take the lead" yesterday, and it just made me even more hungry for dancing. Thank goodness that the weather is getting better. As it gets warmer, the only problem I'll have is choosing which dance classes to take. I can't wait.

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