Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My 55-word stories

Writing a 55-word story is challenging but fun. It is the perfect thing to do when one wants to write without committing one's self to a full, drawn-out literary piece. Below are four of my attempts. I hope you find them interesting.

(P.S. each story is 55 words long, according to MSWord count)

I told John that we are turning into his parents, who sit at home, at opposite ends of the room; one watches the TV while the other knits. “You want to feel young again?” he asked me sweetly, his voice buzzing with delightful mischief. I nodded with widened eyes. “Ask Santa. I’ll be waiting, hon.”

He was angry—finally! His intense eyes, his pouted, full lips, fueled by his anger made him look rugged and incredibly gorgeous. He yelled, while I smiled as I enjoyed the pleasure of his full bloom. Shocked by my seeming lack of empathy, he stormed out. “No. Eric, wait. I have never wanted you more!”

Night cannot show his face in proper society, because he is dirty and stinks of filth. Daylight, however, is the local hero, a detective who unearths dirt of any kind, and he could never tolerate Night. Night, in his anguish and jealousy, yells from afar to Daylight saying, “Behind you, they all flock to me!”

Today she is a woman, so she dances to celebrate herself. With heavily beaded waist, she moves with the wavelike motion of a snake. She repels the suffocating crowd with her voice: “Ssshhhh!” Her feet incessantly beat the ground, as she commands the world to recognize her dominion, to yield to her, now and forever.

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