Monday, October 08, 2007

Love--the appendix way, sort of

The body is an amazing creation, composed of little cells that act independently, yet are acutely aware of the overall goal or purpose of the body. There are very few parts of the body that seem to add no particular purpose to the body’s functioning--except, of course, to take up space. The most well known “useless” body part is the appendix. Those who have had an appendectomy (my childhood best friend included) will testify to the agony caused by such a purposeless organ.

However, it seems that the appendix is not going to take such bad publicity for long. Duke University Medical Center investigators are hypothesizing that the appendix might actually be protecting us by storing good bacteria. To learn more about this exciting news for all of you with an intact appendix and asking it “what is thy purpose?” go here.

Love always protects...(1 cor. 13:7).

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Independence Day Wishes!

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria!!

Against most hope and indications, I wish you a new uncorrupted beginning. I wish you good social and economic health, but if you must be sick, then develop an autoimmune disorder that automatically disarms long-throated, disloyal and unfit leaders and inflicts them with painful and papular rash that marks them so that they can recognize their unfaithfulness to you.

I wish you independence from all who hold you down and restrict you to the ground, when you are destined to soar.

I wish you perseverance in healing the wounds of old and in fighting against new ones.

I wish you the patience and hope needed to see that day when you will be free at last, free from all that ails you.

I wish you to be the nation you were meant to be...mighty and proud.

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